The Nicest Job In Britain

We believe people should find purpose and have passion in the job they do. That's why we created the Nicest Job in Britain.

We have built a showcase platform for Britain's charities, demonstrating the great people that work in the wonderful organisations, the environments they operate in and the challenges they face. Many great charities are on the look-out for talented, passionate people just like you. So head on over to and take a look at the range of roles that are currently vacant.

Nicest Jobs Website
"Our aim with The Nicest Job in Britain is to highlight all the great work that people do up and down the country. Yes, we have created one (nicest) job, but there are many thousands of people (in full time roles and volunteers) who do incredible, inspiring & heart-warming things every single day and we want to showcase them."

Gary Blowers Creator, The Nicest Job

Our Partner - Givergy

Established in 2009, Givergy exist to help charities raise more money at their fundraising events and online. In the last 12 months alone, Givergy have raised over £25 million for more than 1200 incredible causes, through an array of interactive fundraising products.

It is this ethos - helping charities to do more - that makes Givergy a perfect partner for the Nicest Job in Britain.

"I always find it hard to put into words how much the Nicest Job in Britain changed my life. The overwhelming experience changed me so much as a person that I can't see the world in the same way I did before. Profound. Knowing there is so much good in the world brings a new level of meaning to your life."

Luke Cameron


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