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on 15/09/2014

To apply for the Nicest Job in Britain, you need to submit a short application video telling us why you're the best person for the job.

For those budding presenters amongst you, this is pretty exciting (and we'd be inclined to agree.) But for some, this will be a first. Fear not newbies, we've a few tips and tricks to get you started and you'll have an application video to be proud of in no time.

First up, remember a few things:

Plan right & be concise

In the video application world, 30-45 seconds isn't very long. With that in mind you'll need to plan what you're going to say, what you're going to do and make sure you get the best bits in there.

Write everything down and highlight the most important bits. When it comes down to it, we want to hear about those fundraising events you've taken part in more than how much you like cricket (though the more you can squeeze in about yourself, the better.)

Give it some personality

It's pretty much a given that all of our nicest job applicants will have an active interest in philanthropy. So how are you going to stand out?

Think about those icebreaker tasks that take place in a room full of people you don't know. 'Stand up, tell us your name, and oh an interesting fact about yourself.'

Practice makes perfect

Go through it in your head, on paper, in front of your friends, in front of the camera. It will get easier and more natural each time. You might have a video-savvy friend who can help you piece together footage. Otherwise, you can nail it in one take on your smartphone (with a little practice.)

Just go for it

You don't have to be an extrovert to capture our attention, but you do need to let us know as much as you can in short space of time. That leaves little time for dramatic pauses and the like.

This is the opportunity of a lifetime for somebody looking to make a real difference and most importantly do more good. Cast off any worries and just apply.

Stuck for ideas?

There aren't too many rules. We'd like to hear about any connection you have to the third sector, though experience in this area isn't essential. We'd like to learn about which charities you support and discover how you would like to do more good.

How are you going to answer those questions?

Talk to us

Just set up the camera and talk to it. We're asking why you want this job, now it's over to you to answer that question. It's as simple as that.

Draft in some help

If talking to yourself doesn’t come naturally then call in a friend and set up an interview scenario.

They can ask questions from behind the camera and you can answer in a more free-flowing conversational style. You can even draft in friends and family to support what you're saying, they can nod along, give it the thumbs up or even take part in a scene that you've set up.

If the people around you believe in your worthiness then we're also more likely to.

Film on-the-job

If you currently carry out some form of charity work then film your video entry whilst in action. Whether you're on the sidelines coaching your local football club or serving at a local soup kitchen - showing us what you currently do and telling us why you want to do more is a great way to present your application.

Get the charities involved

Do you have a charity in mind that you would really like to help during the 45 weeks?

Ask them to support your pledge in some way (not forgetting that there is a £2,500 donation available to the charity of the chosen candidate's choice!) Perhaps show the good work they do and express how you would intend to help them further.

You can draw inspiration from many places. But If you want to see how those who mean business do it? See below Ben Southall's 2007 winning video application for Tourism Queensland's 'Best Job in the World'.

Gary Blowers

Author: Gary Blowers

Gary is the creator of The Nicest Job in Britain. He works with Luke, pulling the strings behind the scenes to build a platform that does good, helps people and tells stories.