Launching at The Energy Event 2014

on 19/09/2014

This week saw the launch of the Nicest Job in Britain campaign. And as we kicked off, we visited the Energy Event in Birmingham where we rounded up some brilliant nominations for both candidates to apply and for charities to get involved.

Professionals from all across the energy industry and visitors to the event got the chance to see our do more good wheels and to hear all about the amazing opportunity on offer. It was a great chance to discover the charities that people are supporting in their everyday lives, and to hear their reasons. What's better is that all of this is helping us to highlight their good work and to reach out to them.

From wonderful third sector organisations (both big and small) to promising and inspiring candidates, this role can positively impact so many people. We've been starting conversations and spreading the word that the Nicest Job in Britain is up for grabs. We asked people to write down who they'd suggest as an ideal candidate as well as a charity they'd like to see helped out during the year, and we snapped them in action. See our very worthy nominations from the Energy Event (just like the one below) here.

You can still put forward your suggestions on our Facebook and Twitter pages. Just let us know who you think would be great for the job and we'll help them with the application process. Or let us know which charities you think should get involved and ask them to sign up here.

The Nicest Job in Britain is there for the taking. And with your help, we're going to make it truly amazing.

William Campbell

Author: William Campbell

'No frills, just skills' is William's mantra. He's committed to implementing the vital changes needed in a time of supply crisis.