Week 35 - Marine Conservation Society

on 25/09/2015

If I am honest I never really think about the things I buy in the supermarket. Being an avid John Lewis fan my first destination is always Waitrose. I like their food and their ethos - so naturally (being slightly tinged with green blood) I shop there a lot.

But what I never understood or even had a second though about was the amount of items we buy, wrapped in plastic that we throw away. Yes - I do recycle. But even so, the amount of products we buy that we just dispose of in public bins and flush down the loo has real lasting damage.

It was an eye opening experience spending the week with the Marine Conversation Society; a charity in which I though had no real direct impact on my life. But I was wrong.

Turning up to a beach clean on Monday morning in Liverpool was somewhere I didn't think I'd ever go. It's pretty far from home and not a place I had ever though of visiting to be honest. But when you walk over the sand dunes and see all the rubbish scattered across the beach you can completely understand why nobody holidays in the UK anymore! Fragments of rock, plastic, bottles, cans, cigarette buts and God knows what else.

Luckily there were a team of volunteers on hand, with grabbers and bags to clear up the mess.

But it's not just the mess that you can see on the surface, like an iceberg the problem is much deeper rooted. See this stuff washes in from the sea, where this mess is dumped. Whether it be from careless individuals throwing things or people flushing cotton buds or nappies down their toilet; it all ends up in one place - the sea. From there it gets caught into reefs, fish and aquatic animals eat it and the rest gets washed up onto our beaches.

When fish consume small micro plastics they don't digest, they sit in their stomachs. Then when our fishermen catch those fish and sell them to the supermarket, that plastic is then passed onto us. Not a nice thought, huh?

So it's imperative that everybody reading this just slows down a little from their busy lives and understands the wider impact of just throwing away a plastic bottle.

From beaches to tuxedos, my week ended up being a little mad. A few weeks back I was asked by the lovely team at JustGiving if I would present an award for 'Kindest Fundraiser of the Year' at their annual awards ceremony. I have to say, I was overwhelmingly honoured to not only be invited but also be asked to present. It's moment like that, which really do make all the hard work and dedication worthwhile, even more so than it is already

It was a star-studded event with superheroes galore. From all the incredible fundraisers and charity to Superman himself, Henry Cavil.

The night was glorious. When you are surrounded by a room full of people who have made it their mission to help others you can't help but be in awe. At every single table were countless individuals who had gone above and beyond in every way possible to make somebody else's life better.

From Caroline Jones who wore a different outfit every day from the Cancer Research UK shop to raise money for them (£15,000 in total). To Tracey Ford who raised £600 to buy flowers on mother's day for mum's who had lost their children. Regardless of who won the award, every single person who was nominated should be very proud. It's because of people like you that we have the world we live in today. It's because of people sat at those tables that strive so hard to ensure that somewhere, something is done to help that we have a reason to have faith.

Whatever you hear in the news, whatever you read online and whatever your mate says down the pub; there is good in the world. More than you know; we just don't hear about it enough.

Wednesday night was proof to any sceptic that however much you think kindness has left our earth; it hasn't. And it happens every single day. All you need to do is log onto JustGiving and see the thousands and thousands of campaigns that people all over the country have set up to help someone or something. The countless crowd funding pages dedicated to another person in need.

So next time you think the world is full of hate, go in search of something good. Because trust me; you wont have to look far...

Luke Cameron

Author: Luke Cameron

Good deed enthusiast Luke Cameron has the Nicest Job in Britain. Follow his journey as he travels the country helping a different charity each week.