What do people think about the Nicest Job in Britain?

on 15/01/2016

To say it's been a whirlwind since we announced the re-launch of the Nicest Job in Britain is a slight understatement.

But with the hurricane of press, shares, like, comments and other noise - the fundamental question I ask is, "What do people really think about the Nicest Job?"

When I set out on this life-changing mission, I always focused on the charities. How my efforts made an impact to those organisations I was working directly with that week. Never really taking notice of the noise going on around me and if I am honest, sometimes oblivious to the wider impact being made.

But now that I have had time to sit back and reflect, I have time to wade through the lake of interaction with the Nicest Job.

When I started diving into the comments, I was overwhelmed. Not just by the sheer amount of love and praise that was being received for my year as National Philanthropy Manager, but the amount of chatter from people online saying they had been 'inspired' to go out and make a difference in the world.

People who had read about and then followed the Nicest Job journey, were determined to make their own lives better - giving themselves the 'Nicest Job'. Whether that was making changes in their attitude, tweaks in their own workplace to amplify their happiness or even go out of their way to volunteer at a charity themselves.

Never did I anticipate that we could have somehow created a movement. That in some round about way inspired so many people to make a difference to make their world and our world, a better place.

But there in lies the challenge. When you create something bigger than yourself. Something so fundamental to our basic instincts - it spreads like wildfire. A fire that you just can't contain.

Which is why for me, I continue to help and blog - keeping that fire going. Quietly fanning the embers to keep the spirit of kindness and 'do more good' alive.

Courtesy of the BBC - Jan 2016

For me, this year holds even more than last. With the wealth of press and chatter in the online sphere, it only cements that the continuation of the Nicest Job in Britain is the right thing to do, ready to hand the baton to the new National Philanthropy Manager.

So if you're even remotely intrigued by the prospect of leaving your old life behind and embarking on a year long mission to help as many people as you can - then keep your ears to the ground.

As well as the sheer amount of media attention, I also get inundated with emails, tweets, messages and comments to help. So far this week I have met with 3 charities and their wonderful founders to help give a little advice on moving forward with their cause. From granting wishes for terminally ill adults to a local animal rescue center - I've been keeping up the ethos of the Nicest Job and helping even more incredible organisations where I can.

I look forward to hearing the incredible feedback in the next coming weeks and thank you to those of you who have already been so kind.

Luke Cameron

Author: Luke Cameron

Good deed enthusiast Luke Cameron has the Nicest Job in Britain. Follow his journey as he travels the country helping a different charity each week.