New Kid on the Block

on 23/10/2016

There's a new kid on the blog!

My name is Alice Biggar - blogger, a (soon to be former) lawyer, champion of causes, lover of challenges, social experimenter, adventurer and most importantly the second person to take on the Nicest Job in Britain!

It is proving a funny final few weeks in legal practice, I know that in just 14 days' time my practice certificate will lapse, I will be liberating myself of suits and books and swapping them instead for the keys to the uber cool NJIB wagon. I've been busy in Hampshire preparing myself for a new life as a quasi-nomadic philanthropist - travelling the country, blogging and working with 40 amazing charities in 40 weeks!

I've noticed that people like me often do their proudest, scariest, most awesome things for charity and this year I want to understand what it is about these marvellous causes that leads ordinary people to step outside their comfort zones, volunteer their time unpaid and donate their money rather than spend it on themselves.

Behind each of the charities this year are people, each with their own unique story to tell.

The Nicest Job in Britain is a platform which is all about celebrating ordinary people who are doing extraordinary things.

The trail has been blazed by my predecessor Luke Cameron. Luke, myself and the NJIB team are busy behind the scenes plotting visits, challenges and adventures to make this year at the Nicest Job in Britain bigger and better than ever before!

There is so much I am bursting to tell you all but that would be giving the game away - just hold onto your hats as our cunning plans unfold…!

Alice x

Alice Biggar

Author: Alice Biggar

Alice is our National Philanthropy Manager & current holder of The Nicest Job in Britain.