My First Week in The Nicest Job in Britain

on 11/11/2016

I have had first weeks in several new jobs before but always had an idea of what to expect. Hitting the ground running isn't usually a worry for me but how do you prepare to run with something as extraordinary as this?

The Nicest Job in Britain is a job is like no other and there is really only one other person in the world that knows what is involved and that guy is Luke Cameron. Luke has been the stabilisers on my ride this week and what a week it has been...

Things that happened on my first week in the Nicest Job in Britain:

  • A kind lady called Liz from the Purple Heart Wishes called in with an awesome cake she had baked welcoming me to the job. I ate a LOT of cake this week.
  • I opened my email account to an inbox packed full of fabulous welcoming messages from each of the charities I will be working with this year.
  • Citroen rang to talk about the neat new Nicest Job in Britain wagon that they are making for us. I get the keys next week. Eek!
  • BBC Gloucestershire invited me in to have a cuppa and a jibberjabber live on air with Anna King. They have said I can come back to update them on my adventures.
  • The Daily Mirror asked Luke for his advice on a kindness quiz they are running, Luke told them lots about good deeds and what we are doing at Nicest Jobs.

  • I got a marvellous e-mail from my local MP’s office, Richard Graham, wishing me luck for the year and seeing how he could help.
  • A tall brummie who resembled James Nesbitt (that is, if you closed your eyes and imagined James Nesbitt) rocked up to the office, I knew him to be Lee Clark the founder of our fundraising partner. Lee taught me more about the platform, we also drank tea and watched a few silly youtube clips.
  • I met a man with an excellent beard, I originally thought he was part of our community service project but it turns out his name is actually Bryan and he works at Nicest Jobs. Bryan knows a lot the best ways of attracting good people to work in the charity sector.
  • I befriended two whippets, Freddie and Brodie, both are master biscuit thieves.
  • Luke and I had a Skype call with Gary the founder of the Nicest Job in Britain and began hatching plans for the year ahead.
  • The John Lewis advert came out and Luke was happier than a unicorn eating cake on a rainbow. The team made our own #bouncebounce video to celebrate.
  • Donald Trump got elected as the next President of America.
  • My old school, Ribston Hall, got in contact, I thought they’d finally realised the chewing gum was me but it turns out they were inviting me to come in and chat to some of the students there.

  • I met a lady called Amanda who works at Nicest Jobs and who is both cheery and organised. Amanda is known as 'Muff' but at this point I’m not entirely sure where that comes from.
  • Wilts and Glos standard popped into the office for a chat on the sofa and Freddie did an impromptu dog warbling audition for them.
  • I stayed at the Kings Head Hotel in Cirencester, which by the way is epic. My palatial room had both a nespresso machine and a trouser press. I have spent the week buzzing around Cirencester with pencil straight legs.
  • I spoke to a cool dude called Dom with the voice of a disc jockey and a passion for empowering young people. Dom works at Step up to Serve (#iWill Campaign) my first charity and together we plotted cunning plans for their #iwillweek in November.
  • I realised that having a cooked breakfast every morning in hotels this year would probably be a bad idea. I had a cooked breakfast anyway to make sure.
Any lingering doubts I had about leaving behind my career in law were dissolved once I walked through the door of Nicest Jobs on Monday morning. Behind the little turquoise door down a cobbled alleyway in Cirencester lies something overwhelmingly overwhelming. Luke, Gary and the team have created a world where the people in it are doing what they love, helping charities and the people within them get the praise they deserve and I think that is pretty cool.

I have parachuted from the corporate sphere into this new land of philanthropy, a place where where you don't leave with a business card, you leave with a packet of jelly beans and where people don't do handshakes, they do hugs. The transition has felt natural and I already feel like I've been a part of the team far longer than a week, I can't wait to see what week two brings!

Best wishes

Alice xx

Alice Biggar

Author: Alice Biggar

Alice is our National Philanthropy Manager & current holder of The Nicest Job in Britain.