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on 05/02/2016

As we enter into another year - many companies are looking towards their stakeholders to explore a more openly caring public side.

It's a paradox. Put one tiny foot out of line and your organisation is splashed across the front pages of the tabloids - ruining years of hard work on your image. But do something seemingly nice, it goes un-noticed, until now.

See- there is a cultural shift happening, one towards the nicer end of the spectrum, one towards good news.

More and more pages of our national tabloids and online newspapers are publishing 'good news'. You know, the ones that make you feel a little warmer inside on your commute into work. Over the past couple of years I've seen a huge shift in the amount of likes, comments and shares for positive stories online too. The thing is, people like to feel good, not just about themselves but about the world as well. They want a little boost to their faith in humanity - it’s not all doom and gloom out there.

There are so many amazing examples of how organisations are doing their bit to give back and bring a smile to peoples faces. Pret for instance decided to change their customer service policy to allow staff to give away free hot drinks to anyone of their choosing - a little nod to brighten a few peoples day, I actually managed to snag one of these in a late night in London on my way home, it definitely made me smile.

Westjet airlines too lent their hand to bringing a festive smile to others. They set up a very clever 'Santa Booth' and asked customers for their Christmas present wishes, then went out, gathered those presents and put them on the luggage aisle when people arrived at their destination.

More recently Birmingham Grand Central station set up a pay it forward gift booth - asking recipients to give the present to a stranger in the station.

The thing is - all of these stories were shared far more on social media than any other damming expose of a company's so called ethics. A simple campaign that showed they really cared about their stakeholders took their brand image up a considerable amount of brownie points.

And that's what we do. At the Nicest Job in Britain we thrive on those good stories and highlight them to the world through our platform. With the first year being so overwhelming positive and impactful we realized that our passion for highlighting those amazing stories, people, charities and organisations is our USP - were good news content generators.

So far, positive news stories about the Nicest Job in Britain has reached a circulation of over 1bn people - and we're proud of that!

Which is why we want to work with people who truly believe in the power of positivity.

As we gear up for our second year, we want to work with and alongside charities and organisations that hold compassion and kindness at their heart, wanting to share and spread the world over.

The world is changing - yes there are lot’s of terrible atrocities going on in the world, but there are also some truly inspirations ones too. It's just, traditionally we don’t hear about the good ones.

We want to spread that good news; those amazing people who go out of their way to make this world a better place.

So if you're up for the challenge to #DoMoreGood - we'd like to hear from you.

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Luke Cameron

Author: Luke Cameron

Good deed enthusiast Luke Cameron has the Nicest Job in Britain. Follow his journey as he travels the country helping a different charity each week.