New Year

on 06/01/2017

It's the new year and I've had a couple of weeks back in the Shire to catch up on e-mails and pesky 'life admin'! I hope you had the opportunity for some R&R over the Christmas break however you chose to spend it.

Last year was life changing for me. Have you ever felt as though you’ve made all the right choices but you’re sat at your desk feeling as if you’re sorta in the wrong place? I think this right/wrong feeling is actually more common amongst the quarter to the mid-lifers than is often admitted.

I am two months onto this new path, leaving behind a career as a corporate solicitor and jumping head first into philanthropy and professional blogging. I don’t believe that changing career is always the answer or that the extraordinary can’t be achieved by people who are indifferent about their day jobs but spend their free time doing some truly awesome things. That said, I do think that if you want change then you should make it and not be afraid of it.

I’ve left behind a world I worked hard to establish myself in but it feels strangely empowering to take on a new identity and connect with something new that I am passionate about. In fact I’m learning that a change doesn't necessarily mean abandoning what’s gone before but instead can be about bringing all those good things, the connections, experiences and the skills you’ve made forward with you to hopefully make something even better.

I'm now two months in to the Nicest Job in Britain and have visited 5 of my 40 charities and it has already turned my life and perspectives on their head. I have met some unbelievable people, heard some truly inspiring stories and seen both incredible and harrowing things. I have some cunning plans in store Baldrick and some challenges too including the world bog snorkelling championships with my two brothers (above) and cycling the Hero Ride with Help for Heroes to name but two.

If there is one thing that 2016 has taught me it is to go out and make that change, to be kind, to act boldly on instinct and it can be the beginning of anything you want it to be...

Happy New Year to you and here's to an incredible 2017.

Let's start the year with something jolly - a video of hundreds of people in ridiculous costumes chasing an overgrown adult pudding for the Will Mackaness Trust. For there simply aren't enough pudding based chase scenes in life...

Best wishes

Alice x

Alice Biggar

Author: Alice Biggar

Alice is our National Philanthropy Manager & current holder of The Nicest Job in Britain.