A once in a lifetime job opportunity - working with 40 incredible charities.

Applying for the job

In order to apply for The Nicest Job in Britain, we asked applicants to submit their most creative, compelling and engaging video applications. This was their opportunity to showcase their passion, their creativity and their personality.

Candidates were then responsible for drumming up support for their applications by campaigning for votes and social media engagement. And boy we weren't disappointed! From national press, radio interviews, video diaries and celebrity endorsements; the applicants demonstrated their passion for doing good.

The Nicest Job Description

The role

We're looking for a special kind of person.

A willing, enthusiastic philanthropist with a passion for helping others. Someone who will be an active ambassador for us as well as all things good, travelling around Britain and lending a hand to a different charity or third sector organisation each week for a year.

Spreading our 'pay it forward' ethos far and wide and making a real difference to those who need it most.


Variety is the spice of life. And with this role, every day will be different. You will spend four days each week at a different charity or third sector organisation, carrying out whichever tasks they require help with.

From marketing to fundraising, to decorating and caring - your job is to help 40 incredible charities and tell their great stories at every step along the way; through your video blog, newsletter and social media channels.

Who we are looking for?

Someone with a desire to help

  • A 'Do More' attitude
  • A relationship builder and effective communicator
  • A keen learner with a willing approach
  • A diverse and desirable skill set
  • A strong media navigator
  • A motivating, people-loving team player
  • A confident personality on camera
  • An active interest in the third sector and understanding of how it operates

What good stuff will you be doing?

  • Embracing 40 different charities and organisations in a personable way and with a passionate approach towards helping them
  • Meeting the people behind the charities and organisations, developing relationships with them and taking an invested interest in their immediate needs
  • Working closely with each charity or organisation to gather a clear understanding of what they hope to achieve from having an extra pair of hands
  • Helping to highlight areas of development in each situation and contributing bright ideas towards how tasks are tackled
  • Being an advocate for each charity and organisation. Helping to raise awareness and convey their positive messages
  • Travelling across the country, bringing fresh energy and enthusiasm to each area
  • Being a responsible, informative and valuable ambassador for NicestJobs & Givergy
  • Using any specialist skills to benefit those in need and calling upon the specialist skills of affiliates where appropriate
  • Keeping a weekly online blog to raise awareness of each charity or organisation. To document the experiences of the role and to inform the world of your ongoing good work
  • Communicating effectively and interacting socially with those involved in the role as well as those actively taking an interest
  • Striving to make a real difference to all of the people you encounter, and in turn benefitting those impacted by their charities and organsations. Championing the belief that this truly is the nicest job in Britain
  • Ultimately, helping 40 wonderful charities to reach new audiences and engage with people across Britain and around the world

Some of the good stuff

First Things First

A generous £30,000 salary to keep you ticking over for the year

Your Chariot Awaits

A car to take you on your travels across the country

Rested & Refreshed

Comfortable accommodation for the duration of your stay in each area

Recharge Your Batteries

Return flights to a destination of your choice plus sufficient holiday allowance

Feel-good Feeling

The work you do will positively impact a great number of people in need

The Future's Bright

The ultimate experience, media training, and added support to send you on your way

"I always find it hard to put into words how much the Nicest Job in Britain changed my life. The overwhelming experience changed me so much as a person that I can't see the world in the same way I did before. Profound. Knowing there is so much good in the world brings a new level of meaning to your life."

Luke Cameron