Introducing the finalists for The Nicest Job in Britain


In 2013 Alice became a Lawyer after years of hard work but still felt something was missing. In 2015 Alice decided that in her spare time she would do some amazing things, not just for charity but to help people. She set up her own blog - Challenge Alice - and undertook some pretty impressive endeavours. She lived for a month on £1 per day, she was a radio presenter in a hospital, she had to befriend a person every day for a month and even see how far she could get to in Europe with no money or food in 7 days, raising money for Alzheimers research along the way. These are just a few of her amazing achievements; but now she is ready to take on The Nicest Job in Britain!


Currently a fundraiser for an amazing charity - Andy wanted to use his skills to help our 40 amazing charities. He turned his pain into passion after losing his mother to cancer. Since then he has gone on to raise thousands of pounds for a fantastic cause. A kind hearted soul who would be perfect for The Nicest Job in Britain!


A true superstar. Heather rose to critical acclaim for all her wonderful work in her local hospital. She appeared on ITV1's Surprise Surprise and even became a contestant on "The People's Strictly Come Dancing". Heather is no stranger to media attention and turned her attention to the Nicest Job in Britain. A real contender for the job!


A travel blogger by day and a philanthropist by night. Jenny (JLo) put up an incredible campaign to secure The Nicest Job in Britain. Her energy and passion shone through and teamed with her already national and international (BBC News) exposure - she put up a good case to get into the final 8. She even works with her local community to bring them together! Well done #TeamJLo!


The first of The Nicest Job in Britain video applicants - Maya set the tone with her creative poem. Having battled through personal difficulties, she rose above it and actively campaigns to make the world a better place. A smart cookie with a masters in Human Rights Law - Maya knows how to make a difference to people around her.
Go #TeamMaya


Natalie is a mother, a nurse, a carer, a humanitarian, and hobbyist alternative model. During her 8 years of Hospital Nursing, she has cared for everyone, literally from birth, until their last breath. More recently she has worked with vulnerable children in care. Her career has involved liaising with multiple charities in the Third Sector, from referring patients to charity run Hospices (adults and children alike), to Specialist condition/disease support charities and assistance with practical help. Natalie herself has, during a difficult few years of her life, benefited from charitable support for her sick child, homelessness and setting up a new life. Over the past year, using her nursing skills and passion for people, Natalie has worked with multiple NGO's to provide care and fundraise for the refugee crisis. Natalie has also used media attention she drew when she rescued a woman form the Thames during a photoshoot, the benefit of the charity RNLI & raising awareness of the humanitarian Crisis. Natalie now wants to do what she loves doing the most, helping people - doing The Nicest Job in Britain!


A charity fundraiser and a lover of all things pay it forward. Olly executed an incredible campaign for his Nicest Job in Britain application. From celebrity endorsements from Ed Sheeran and Dr Hilary Jones, to local and national support. Olly even created his own Twitter handle and generated hundreds of followers to help him through to the final!


No stranger to fundraising - Sali has raised tens of thousands of pounds for charities across the country. The mastermind behind the ‘Pink Car Rally’, she has helped raise the profile of one of The Nicest Job in Britain charities; Little Princess Trust. A worthy contender with a heart of gold!